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CRESTRON: Vancouver Canadian Certified Crestron Elite Dealer & Integrator

Sonic Systems Vancouver is a proud Crestron Elite* Certified Canadian retailer and integrator. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Crestron has been a leader in the automation business since 1971. Focussing on innovation and scalability, systems are compatible with tomorrows, today’s, and yesterday’s technology. Installing a Crestron system in your home, office, or commercial space gives you the security of having a system that will be functional and flexible as new electronics and automation technologies emerge.

Crestron offers some of the highest levels of industry compatibility. Their systems are compatible with nearly any automation brand or technology and are customized specifically for your space and applications. Crestron manufactures and designs controllers – the heart of sophisticated and comprehensive automation systems – and many other components of an automated space.

The Crestron controller is a computer that integrates all other separate automation components – including motorized blinds and automated drapery motors, zoned lighting and climate control, distributed audio-video, speakers, garage doors, video surveillance, door-entry systems and smart locks, panel TV’s and multi-room audio-video, custom theatres, and any other compatible devices in your home. Instead of having multiple apps or multiple controllers for each automation product, leaving the system difficult to use, incompatible, and often including conflicting or deficient technologies trying to work together, through integrating a Crestron control system you ensure your home or commercial space is optimized specifically for your use. The controls are done from one app, either on a tablet, mobile device, computer or other remote control. The functions are set to your use. Systems are user-friendly, future-proof, scalable, and optimized. Crestron systems are the pinacle of automation technology. If you are designing a luxury home or space, or if you are creating a premium retail, entertainment, or commercial space, Crestron is the automation for your project.

Sonic Systems has been specializing in installation, integration, and programming of Crestron products since 2009.Our installers and programmers have between 10 and 30 years experience working with Crestron. This guarantees you peace of mind with every installation knowing we will get it right. We use Crestron products in new installs and retrofits while also offering our certified programming services to industry professionals.

Contact us today for a consultation. Learn more about Crestron here or check out their website here.

*Elite dealers require several levels of certification and qualification while adhering to strict targets and guidelines.

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