Crestron Tablet Controller with Lighting Control – Toronto & Vancouver

CRESTRON: Toronto’s Premium Elite Certified Crestron Dealer & Integrator

Since 2009 Sonic Systems Toronto has been a proud Canadian premium Elite* Certified retailer and integrator of Crestron automation products. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Crestron has been in the automation business since 1971 with a focus on innovation and scalability. Their systems work with today’s technology while being future-friendly for technologies to come. Installing a Crestron system in your home, office, or commercial space gives you the comfort of flexibility and functionality as new automation products are introduced and installed. Crestron products are built to be scaled and customized for every application.

Crestron offers some of the highest levels of industry compatibility. Their systems can be integrated with nearly any automation brand or technology. Crestron designs and manufactures automation controllers – the brains behind sophisticated and comprehensive automation systems – lighting control, motorized blinds and motors, distributed audio-video, climate control, speakers, security systems, and more. Sonic Systems is Toronto’s premiere Crestron integrater and installer.

Crestron systems integrate all your automated household and commercial space functions into one user-friendly interface, giving you complete control over your space through one controller – either your mobile phone, a tablet, computer or other remote control. Rather than having a different app for each product and products that are incompatible or even conflicting technologies, Crestron control systems work as the hub that commands your individual items and coordinates them to work together and suit your needs. Crestron systems are the upper-echelon of control systems and the leaders in the industry. If you are in the luxury home or commercial application space in need of complet control, suiting your space with Crestron ensures you will always be satisfied with your systems’ performance, compatibility, innovation and foresight.

Sonic Systems Toronto staff of installers and programmers have between 10 and 30 years experience each working with Crestron products. Sonic Systems has been specializing in integration and programming since our beginnings in 2009. We use Crestron in new installs and retrofits while offering our certified programming services to other industry professionals.

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Contractor: Programming, Upgrades & Troubleshooting:

In addition to our complete automation system offerings, we also extend our services to integrators and contractors in need of Crestron troubleshooting, programming, or re-programming. Contact us today at 905-800-0728 or 604-771-2077 for local onsite or remote servicing. Our programmers have decades of experience in programming systems of all shapes and sizes, for multi- and single-family residential, commercial, and retail applications. We can determine and correct user and programmer errors of nearly any situation, size, or difficulty or problem.

We offer programming services globally as most work can be done remotely. We have contacts in various countries and continents to assist if on-site servicing is necessary outside of our standard Toronto, Vancouver, Southern Ontario, or British Columbia areas.

Control System Services: Homeowners & Commercial

If you are a homeowner, office, or other commercial tenant with a system already installed, perhaps by a previous unknown contractor or a contractor you are unpleased with, and in need of re-programming, troubleshooting, or modernizing your control system, remotes, tablets, or other, contact us today at 905-800-0728 or 604-771-2077. Our staff has decades of experience in programming systems of all types. We can troubleshoot or upgrade individual components or revamp your entire system.

We can help you on-site in our regular service areas or remotely worldwide.

*Elite dealers require several levels of certification and qualification while adhering to strict targets and guidelines.

Image of Wall-Mounted Television integrated with Crestron Distributed Audio-Video Control – Canada, Vancouver & Toronto Image of Kitchen Showroom integrated with Crestron Distributed Audio-Video and Lighting Control – Canada, Vancouver & Toronto