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Is Security Monitoring Worth It? What You Need To Know

Is Security Monitoring Worth It? What You Need to Know

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You may be tempted to delay adding security system monitoring to your home. After all, who truly wants another bill?

The problem, though, is that a lack of security monitoring may cause you to end up losing much more than you save. You could end up losing some of your home’s most valuable assets. Worse yet, you or your loved ones could end up being injured or even losing your lives.

From picking the best system to knowing whether you should go the DIY route or hire a professional installer, here is a guide for (not quite) everything you need to know about security systems and security monitoring.

Let’s jump in!

What to Look for in a Security Monitoring System

The best home security systems feature a mixture of security monitoring, automation and control. This includes video surveillance, alarm systems and 3rd party monitoring services, automated lighting, blinds, and more. We will soon update our blog with an extensive list of these options. But first, let’s briefly dive into a few things to consider.

Features worth looking for in today’s best home security system include the following:

  • Keyless, keyed and keypad door entry systems
  • Remote controlling and viewing
  • Sensors for fire, water, smoke, carbon dioxide and flood

The best system enhances your property’s safety, protects your home’s belongings and occupants, and minimizes crime and disasters that could affect you as well as first responders.

Crime Protection

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a professionally installed security monitoring system is that it can help with detecting burglars.

Let’s face it: You’ve worked hard over the years to accumulate all that you have in your own home. One of the worst things that could happen to you is for you to lose any of it to an opportunistic thief.

The best systems feature motion sensors and even glass-break sensors to detect intruders and let you and your monitoring service know that someone has entered your property without authorization.

A video surveillance camera that is motion activated can even record these types of incidents in real time. Then, hard drive recorders will log these incidents for authorities to investigate. This can ultimately help you with future insurance or prosecution claims, boosting your likelihood of receiving compensation for your losses.

The Costs Associated with Burglary

Research shows that homeowners can easily lose thousands of dollars in pilfered items as a result of a single burglary. And this total reflects only the cost of replacing stolen items — not the expenses related to repairing or replacing damaged or broken floors, walls, doors and windows.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing you lose in a burglary situation. You may also end up being hurt if an intruder is violent toward you. It’s hard to place a price tag on the potential psychological and medical costs associated with this type of violence.

A security monitoring system can’t necessarily prevent a residential break-in from happening. However, it may serve as a handy deterrent to aspiring thieves. It also serves as a second or third eye on your home.

According to research, a large percentage of burglars prefer to target homes that lack surveillance equipment versus those that are clearly being monitored. Go figure.

In the end, having a security system in place will save you a lot of hassle, money and time — all valuable resources that you’d rather spend on yourself and your loved ones than on an annoying burglar.

Element-Related Protection

Another major reason to have a professional install a security system in your home? It can protect you from the elements.

Here’s how.

For starters, high-quality security systems can alert you and your family members of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide. Without such a system in place, which features smart technology and sensors, you may not detect these hazardous gases until it’s too late.

Water Leak

A smart system can also shut down your home’s water supply right away if a flood or leak happens — for instance, a sump pump leak. Leak prevention can easily guard you against damage totalling thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On top of that, it can save your life and keep your loved ones safe.

Research shows that the 98% of basements will encounter some level of water-related damage during the home’s lifetime. However, even homes without basements are susceptible to water damage. Even a small pipe crack can cause water to leak by the hundreds of gallons each day if it goes undetected.

For the best results, you should place a flood-water leak sensor at your home’s lowest point for the earliest detection possible. The sensor will alert you if it encounters increased moisture or water.

Fire Protection

A well-designed system can protect you against a fire as well. Although fires are less common than water leaks, a fire can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if your home does not have sprinklers. In addition, they can cause serious injuries and even death.

Even though a smart home security system can’t necessarily keep toxic gas, water leak and fire problems from happening, it can detect them early on. This gives you the opportunity to get ahead of it before it results in costly damage.

Additional Perks

The right security monitoring system won’t just catch issues such as leaks and fires early on. It’ll alert you about them even if you’re not home, thanks to the ability to monitor your detectors remotely.

In other words, even if you decide to take a vacation, your security system never will.

You can simply use your smartphone, computer or tablet to keep an eye on your house even if you’re on the other side of the globe. Not only will you get a text, email or remote notification when a security issue arises but you can even remote control the home’s blinds, lights, locks and other monitoring equipment.

The best systems allow you to remotely give access your home through a camera at your front door, video doorbell, video intercoms, remote disarming and arming, and remote door locks. You can turn your home’s lights off and on while you’re away using your mobile device.

How We Can Help

Security systems have several aspects to consider including DIY Self-monitoring and 3rd party monitoring. One is left to you while the other has the added back up of a security company on your side. Both work, with important differences to consider. Will you always be able to monitor your home, and if so will you always be able to react safely and accordingly? If you have doubts, a monitoring service is recommended.

Regardless of the route you take, Sonic Systems offers educated advice and top-of-the-line systems and security monitoring services for homeowners in Canada.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to keep your home and family safe from intruders and the elements long term.